Recently published government funding opportunities:

Funding Opportunity
DoD Kidney Cancer, Postdoctoral and Clinical Fellowship Award

Funding Number: HT9425 23 KCRP PCFA
Agency: Department of Defense, Dept. of the Army -- USAMRAA
Category: Science and Technology and other Research and Development
Funding Amount: Case Dependent
Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE): Safe & Supportive Schools: Supporting America’s School Infrastructure (SASI) Grant Program, Assistance Listing Number (ALN) number 84.184K

Funding Number: ED GRANTS 060223 001
Agency: Department of Education
Category: Education
Funding Amount: $5,000,000
Program Year 2023 Planning Guidance for National Farmworker Housing Grantees

Funding Number: TEGL ETA 17 22 MH
Agency: Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration
Category: Employment, Labor and Training
Funding Amount: $937,381
DoD Breast Cancer, Transformative Breast Cancer Consortium Award

Funding Number: HT9425 23 BCRP TBCCA 2
Agency: Department of Defense, Dept. of the Army -- USAMRAA
Category: Science and Technology and other Research and Development
Funding Amount: Case Dependent
DRL Strengthening Migrant Workers’ Rights in Southeast Asia

Funding Number: SFOP0009692
Agency: Department of State, Bureau of Democracy Human Rights and Labor
Category: Other (see text field entitled Explanation of Other Category of Funding Activity for clarification)
Funding Amount: $1,200,000
Education Resources and Student Engagement

Funding Number: SCAKAB 23 GR 005 SCA 04282023
Agency: Department of State, U.S. Mission to Afghanistan
Category: Education
Funding Amount: $500,000
Veterans Housing Rehabilitation and Modification Pilot Program

Funding Number: FR 6700 N 39
Agency: US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Category: Housing
Funding Amount: $1,000,000
OVC FY 2023 VOCA Victim Compensation Formula Grant

Funding Number: O OVC 2023 171699
Agency: Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime
Category: Income Security and Social Services
Funding Amount: Case Dependent
FY23 Enhancing Existing Law Enforcement Accreditation Entities -Community Policing Development Solicitation

Funding Number: O COPS 2023 171552
Agency: Department of Justice, Community Oriented Policing Services
Category: Law, Justice and Legal Services
Funding Amount: $300,000
Increasing Utilization and Reliability of Electric Infrastructure with Grid-enhancing technologies (GETs)

Funding Number: DE FOA 0002948
Agency: Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory
Category: Energy, Science and Technology and other Research and Development
Funding Amount: $2,100,000


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